Crowd funded books:
Extending book life and value
for crowd-funded authors

We provide a range of service to authors that crowd-fund their book projects. From tools to make and test your idea, through API’s and promotional tools, to small, digital print runs with low set-up costs, our aim is to reduce the risk and extend the life and value of your book, long after the subscriptions dry up.

Our turnkey solution

  • We’ll print all the books your subscribers have financed, using offset for large runs and digital for single copy and small print runs.
  • By uploading your book to our presses and online store, yyou are making it available for sale long after the initial print run is sold out. With our sell, buy, print business model, you'll collect money rather than pay up front, each time a book is ordered.

How it works

  • Pixalib offers a flexible, competitively priced, turnkey package. First, we print and deliver all books purchased by crowd-sourced subscription, then we support your sales and promotion efforts when subscriptions close. The adventure need not end when the funds dry up.
  • Simply upload your PDF file to our system, or compose directly using our free online editor, Pixatelier. You can choose any format size you like, there are no restrictions at all.
  • If you want to print more than 500 books we will handle the initial off-set print run, then upload the files to our bookstore, for single purchases of the digital edition from online customers. If you want to print just a few books, we’ll go straight to the digital edition.
  • To help with online sales and promotions we provide you with your own bookstore page, and an API that enable you to sell your book through your own and other websites and social media channels.
  • There is life after the subscription! The buzz needn’t stop when the money runs out. Continue marketing to your community and benefit from sales to the growing army of niche book lovers that regularly browse our site. We handle all logistics, and ensure your customers receive the book between 7 – 14 days after it’s ordered.

And, if you started a campaign but were not successful in raising enough money for off-set printing, we can still help. Make your book available by simply uploading a PDF, ordering one sample copy and launching it to the public on our bookstore, today. Send the link to your friends and community to promote your book.

Contact us for more information at


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