Take your
publishing business
to a new level

An innovative publishing solution for professionals

Your book catalogue is the heart of our business

We've been printing coffee table books for the last 10 years,
so we understand the major headaches publishers face.

Lack of cash to invest in risky print runs
Financial risk from unsold inventory

Pixalib has developed a flexible model that minimises your up-front investment.
Pixalib print-on-demand allows you:

To print and sell your book catalogue at prices your customers find attractive
Without paying for leftovers or returns. Incur no up-front costs and extend the shelf life of all your content.


With our innovative solution yourname.pixalib.com, you will be able to:
Test & launch

Safely organize market tests, launch more authors without the huge initial cost or left overs;


Organize reprint of your old catalogue; each sale triggers a single unit print;


Access markets world-wide; instead of transcontinental shipping’s, we’ll print at the closest point to delivery;


Expand your multilanguage options; our worldwide plateform targets multiple language areas from a single book title.

Our print on demand model lower risk, expands reach and minimises waste

It’s simple: each sale triggers a single copy of your book to be printed by the press closest to the customer, thanks to our global printing network.

Print-on-demand (POD) is more expensive per book than offset printing, but has great advantages. You can print a single copy without cash up-front, there’s no stock and no middle-men taking their cut.

You save more than it costs.

How does it work?

Pixalib will provide you a secured intranet environment - yourname.pixalib.com - in order to:

Upload your catalogue to the « print on demand » system. We’ll print a trial copy of your book for your approval. All future prints will be based on this validated hard copy.


Manage your own publishing admin portal hosted by Pixalib. It’s accessible to your customers and displays all your books;


Manage all orders and sales agreements with your retail partners - indie bookstores, museums, art galleries and the rest.

Under our carbon-friendly model, each order will be printed at the closest point to the customer. Pixalib’s global network of printers guarantees consistent quality, regardless of the location, thanks to our proprietary file conversion algorithms.

Zoom: Our free format solution

Pixalib’s editing tools are compatible with any publishing software. Our free format option means you can now, at no cost, upload your entire catalogue. Why not rejuvenate your back-list by making it available to customers, today?

Open a new channel: sell directly on-line

Any book can be instantly put on sale through our bookstore at www.pixalib.com, where we promote ‘Amazing books by Amazing Authors’(sic?). We display a mix of self- published books and specialist titles from small publishing houses, in many languages. Customers know they will find interesting, niche books. That’s exactly what they are looking for!

The financial model

Pixalib offers a transparent solution. The manufacturing price of each book goes down as volumes increase. Each order entered into the store will be assigned the best transfer price available. Each online sale through the PixaStore will earn you a guaranteed 20% margin.

8 reasons to chose our innovative publishing solution

  • High quality printing

  • Free book editing and upload

  • Attractive market price

  • No financial investment
    No un-sold books

  • Market testing

  • Free back catalogue reprints

  • Worldwide market

  • Net margin guaranteed

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