Publish your own creative, visual book and sell at the right price, in all markets.

How to get published and sold ?

You are 5 steps away

  • 1

    Create your book

  • 2

    Set your selling price

  • 3

    Customise your sales page

  • 4

    Create a communication strategy

  • 5

    Track and monitor your performance


Pixatelier is an intuitive, easy-to-use editing suite, giving authors complete control of the composition process. No need to download software or updates. All your work will be automatically saved to our servers.


Already use a specific formatting software? Convert your work to a PDF, upload it and Pixalib takes care of the rest.

Intuitive interface

Securing your data

Regular backups

Image storage library

Once your book is complete

Prior to finalising it and making it available to the public, you need to order the 'Sample Copy' and confirm the final layout. This will be the printed benchmark for all your sales. We make sure the same quality of your visual creative book is delivered to your community worldwide.

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Find out the 'recommended retail price' based on your book's specifications

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Did you know?

Pixalib established suggested retail prices based on market prices and make it easier for you to sell more books.

Who knows your community better than you? Your close relationships and your followers on social networks are your primary customers. They are ready to support you by paying a bit more for your book than the market price.


You are one step away from launching your book!

Set up your book sales page, the window to your public and the first impression you give your customers. Talk about your inspiration, your content, what led you to write it. Tell your story!

This step is crucial for the success of your book. Pay attention and fill out your book's description carefully. Make the most of your description and content to improve your chances of being found on search engines. The more precise your description, the more people you will attract gather. Take a look at Geneviève Flaven's selling page Bookstore.

Start my book

Get your community involved !


Engage your network and followers! Send emails and promote your book’s weblink to your colleagues, friend’s, instagramer’s, blog and facebook followers! Insert a viewer within the weblink on your Facebook page, your blog…etc. Make those tools your own and personalize your pages ! Your comunication and marketing strategy has just begun !

In daily life

Pixalib has many tools at your disposal for you to best advertise your book and get your community involved. Make the most of the usual package (flyers, bookmarks, etc) when you participate in a conference or hold a private viewing ! Take advantage of such events, print a small quantity of books and sell them. You can also display a copy of your book in hotels, art galleries, museums… The more you order, the less per unit price for each POD book. Pixalib rewards you by giving you the whole difference between the old and the new price. You need help to promote your book and support your creative process ? Contact our professionals on the Edition Hub..
Can you imagine how powerful is a community-connected network!

We provide you with statistics and a management interface to help you in your self-publishing adventure. Manage your selling activity, your promotion tools and assess your evolution directly on your dashboard.

Benefit from the advantages of traditional publishing without any drawback! Collaborate with your readers, order books when needed...

Sales monitoring

Promotion tools

Statistics report

Connect with your readers

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10 Reasons to Choose Pixalib

  • Take advantage of the Print-On-Demand model : no risk, no investment.
  • Easy to start with our online editing tools.
  • Get 20% from the first sale.
  • Deliveries all over the world within 15 days.
  • No inventory of unsold books.
  • Books are printed on demand, from the first copy.
  • Effective promotion tools.
  • Manage your online and offline distribution channels.
  • The more you order, the less unit price per book.
  • Take advantage of PixaTeam support.